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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The mobile phone tries to grow up

Mark Bridge writes:

The end of civilisation. The dawn of the future. Mobile phones are somewhere in the middle. Once seen as novelties for people with too much money, the mobile phone is now ubiquitous. And with that ubiquity comes an acceptance that they’re just tools. Doesn't it?

Which is why I was surprised to see a news article from Voice, a trade union that wants mobile phones banned from nurseries because of concern about inappropriate photographs. No mention of banning cameras, of course. Dear me no, because that would be obvious. Or banning pens and watches, because it’s possible to get a camera built into one of those, too. Come on – your concern for your staff and their responsibilities is admirable, but your aim is misplaced. While you’re at it, why not issue a press statement about your desire to ban penknives from staff keyrings? “Nursery teacher carries knife in school”, anyone?

Meanwhile, in the other corner of the ring is a 29-year-old teacher who’s facing prosecution because he attacked a pupil. How was he caught? Mobile phone video footage. Thank heavens for that. Perhaps mobile phones should be banned for teachers but made compulsory for students. Now that’s an idea. Especially as some schools are using them as part of the teaching process.

Jorge Colombo All this came to mind because I read about Jorge Colombo recently. He’s a designer, a photographer and an illustrator. This year, he’s also become known as a man who paints pictures using his Apple iPhone. And he’s certainly not the only mobile phone artist.

Which brings me back to my headline. “The mobile phone tries to grow up”. Mobiles aren’t a novelty any more. The cellular phone has now been in the UK for almost 25 years. So let’s stop pointing at it as though it’s a two-headed bearded lady in a Victorian circus, shall we?

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