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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

24 hours with the Google Nexus S: part one

Mark Bridge writes:

So, I’ve just upgraded to the Google Nexus S. The Samsung i9020. That was pretty easy. The local branch of Carphone Warehouse had one in stock.

It’s my first Android phone. In fact, it’s my first upgrade for a few years. My HTC TyTn II has been doing a good job but the 's' key is a bit intermittent and – well – I wanted it to do more. No major complaints, just an understandable lack of recent application development for the Windows Mobile platform.

Anyway, now it’s time for a play. Well, assuming there’s enough charge in the battery. Time to put my SIM card inside. Where’s the manual?

Can’t find a manual. Wonder how the back cover comes off. Hang on, there’s a sticker on the back. Fingernail in the top, pull back and… easy. SIM in, battery in, let’s go.

Oooh. Nice screen animation. Nice screen, too. What’s this?  Unable to update YouTube?  That’s a bit pushy. I’ve only just switched on.

“See all your apps. Touch the Launcher icon.”

That’s more like it. A screen full of apps. Browser, calculator, calendar, camera… let’s try the camera. Whoa. That looks suspiciously like a photo of a Carphone Warehouse store. Hmmm. Cheeky devils. That might explain the slightly unfriendly start-up. Let’s reset and try again.

Oooh. Nice screen animation. I don’t think I’ll bore of this for a long while. And a friendly set-up menu. Mobile data settings seem to have arrived by magic. Right, time to download the apps I’ve been using on my old phone.

Skype, Evernote, Bambuser, Facebook, something to monitor my 3G usage – ‘3G Watchdog’ looks promising – and let’s throw in Adobe Flash Player, Kindle for Android, Google Goggles and Google Sky Map. Lovely.

Now to synchronise my contacts, appointments, tasks and notes with Microsoft Outlook on my laptop.

Oh. Oh dear. This may not be as easy as I first thought. I’ll do this over a cup of tea.

Oh dear. Definitely not as easy as I first thought. I'll need more tea.

To be continued…

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