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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RIM boss ignores the questions when asked about BlackBerry difficulties and competitors

What went wrong? What did you learn from the iPhone?

Mark Bridge writes:

Live TV and radio interviews. They can be worrying things, even when you’re not expecting to be challenged too much. I know this from experience. So when your company is launching a much-delayed operating system, you’d expect a few difficult questions… and you’d be ready with a response.

The official response of RIM is apparently to ignore the questions.

This morning, just a few hours ahead of the BlackBerry 10 launch, RIM’s European MD Stephen Bates has been talking to the BBC.

On BBC Breakfast with Steph McGovern, Mr Bates was asked “What went wrong?

His answer didn’t really address the question - and neither did his response to the following question about BlackBerry’s falling market share - so it was no surprise to hear the ‘what went wrong’ question asked again. Once again, the answer appeared unconnected to the question. By the third time, I was embarrassed. It seems Stephen wasn’t.

Meanwhile, over on BBC Radio 5 Live, Nicky Campbell asked Stephen Bates what RIM had learned from Apple and the iPhone. The answers go on for a minute or so - but they don’t connect with the question.

Now, I appreciate that RIM doesn’t want to leak any information before the big announcement today. But the impression I get is that either Stephen Bates could have done with a bit more preparation or RIM shouldn’t have bothered with any pre-announcement media appearances.

Whichever it is, this morning’s interviews will result in may people viewing this afternoon’s announcement from a rather more cynical viewpoint than they might have otherwise done.

[BBC Breakfast; BBC 5 Live]

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1 comments on article "RIM boss ignores the questions when asked about BlackBerry difficulties and competitors"



1/30/2013 1:38 PM

It was really infuriating to hear the questions and his non related responses each time on BBC breakfast. I've heard politicians try and do this but they generally respond around the original question. They might as well asked him anything and he would have said the same things. Does he think that we are all stupid and we dont realise that he's only saying what he wants to say and not dealing with the questions!?

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