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Friday, July 24, 2009

What price for a hands-free conversation?

Iain Graham writes:

When you get up tomorrow morning and get in the car, why don't you screw up three £20 notes and lob 'em out of the window?!  Oh, and whilst you are at it, take out your driving licence, and put three points in the penalties column!!

Why would you do that, I hear you ask?  My answer would be, "I don't know, but it's what I see a lot of people doing every day I drive anywhere or walk down the road!"  It is the completely unnecessary risk you take when you sit behind the wheel of a car that is in motion and use a handheld mobile phone at the same time!  If you are a truck or bus driver, you have no reason to feel smug because you are equally as guilty!!

WHY DO YOU DO IT??!! Is it because;

  • The chance of being caught is infinitely small
  • The police should have better things to do
  • I am a responsible person and I am perfectly safe when I do it, it is all the other muppets who don't know what they are doing
  • It is an infringement of my civil rights/liberties
  • I never phone, I only text and sending a text is not an offence???

Have you ever been guilty of saying any of the above?!  I certainly have in the past, but then I used to drive at 90mph in a car with no seatbelts after I passed my test!  (I know you didn't think I was that old, but in my early days there was no speed limit on motorways in Britain and seatbelts hadn't even been thought of, let alone invented!)

Nowadays, I wouldn't move off my driveway without belting up. Why the change of heart?  Greater sense of social responsibility maybe?  Getting more sensible with age?  No, not really, it's because certain things when you give them a bit of thought just make sense!

Also, every car comes with easy to use, comfortable seatbelts and 94% of people use them all the time.

So it is the same with mobile phones. Every new phone comes with a basic wired earpiece for free, and Bluetooth devices are available from around a tenner upwards, so what's the reason only one person in three uses one regularly?

Come on guys (and gals), it is incredibly unsafe and dangerous to everyone around you to use a non-handsfree handset whilst driving. Use a handsfree kit now - YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE - before the government realises that current legislation is not working and they ban the use of ALL mobiles in a moving vehicle.

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