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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top ten most bizarre iPhone insurance claims

It's the so-called 'silly season' for news, so we'll forgive online insurance provider for its list of the ten most incredible iPhone insurance claims. The company, which says a fifth of Apple iPhone users have made an insurance claim during the past 12 months, puts "I dropped it from a hot air balloon" at the top of its list. Other unexpected claims include "I lost it while sky diving", "my son used it as a table tennis racket" and "I accidentally buried it in the garden".

The most-common claims involve cracked screens, thefts, faults and the iPhone being dropped. Accidental damage accounts for 45% of all claims.

A spokesman for the company said "With so many people carrying an iPhone with them wherever they go, it’s no surprise that they are being lost or damaged in a host of unusual ways. Most of us know someone who has managed to drop their iPhone in a pint of beer or down the toilet – but these bizarre claims we have uncovered must be one-offs. The amazing ways people manage to be separated from their iPhone goes to show that you never know what’s around the corner – and it pays to get your iPhone insured." says its ten most-bizarre iPhone claims are:

1. I dropped it from a hot air balloon

2. I lost it while sky diving

3. It broke when my son used it as a table tennis racket

4. I lost it while building a sand castle for the kids

5. I accidentally buried it in the garden

6. It fell into the kettle

7. I dropped it in a food blender

8.  My dog chewed it to pieces

9. Juice from a defrosting piece of meat leaked into it 

10. It flew out of the car window 

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