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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mobile usage compared: Europe vs Japan vs USA

Research company comScore has published a survey comparing mobile usage and behaviour in Japan, the United States and Europe. It found significant differences between the three regions, with almost twice as many Japanese mobile users using their mobiles to go online (browsing, accessing applications or downloading content) as European users. 75.2% of users in Japan used 'connected media', compared to 43.7% in the US and 38.5% in Europe.

Japanese mobile users also led when it came to browsing (59.3% of all mobile users in Japan) and applications (42.3%), compared to 34.0% and 31.1% respectively for US users. European usage was even lower; just 25.8% of European mobile consumers had used their web browsers and 24.9% had accessed apps.

However, Europeans showed the strongest use of text messaging. 81.7% of mobile users in Europe sent a text message in June 2010, compared to 66.8% in the US and 40.1% in Japan. Japanese users led again when it came to email (54%), with US consumers most likely to use mobile instant messaging (17.2%).

Mark Donovan, senior vice president of mobile at comScore, said "Mobile media usage continues to accelerate across the globe, driven by advancing technologies and the growing number of content options available to consumers. As we look across markets, dramatic differences in mobile media consumption, brand adoption and user behavior become evident. These differences are even more pronounced than they are for PC-based Internet usage due to the complex nature of mobile – including various device capabilities, operating systems and methods of accessing content. For brands seeking to establish a multi-market presence, understanding usage dynamics across geographies is essential to implementing a successful global mobile marketing strategy."

Select Mobile Behaviours in Japan, United States and EU5 (UK, DE, FR, ES and IT) 
  Percent of total mobile audience
Japan USA Europe
Used connected media (browsed, accessed applications or downloaded content) 75.2% 43.7% 38.5%
Used browser 59.3% 34.0% 25.8%
Used application 42.3% 31.1% 24.9%
Sent text message to another phone 40.1% 66.8% 81.7%
Used major instant messaging service 3.3% 17.2% 12.6%
Used email (work or personal) 54.0% 27.9% 18.8%

Accessed social networking site or blog

17.0% 21.3% 14.7%
Listened to music on mobile phone 12.5% 13.9% 24.2%
Took photos 63.0% 50.6% 56.8%
Captured video 15.4% 19.2% 25.8%

Watched TV and/or video on mobile phone

22.0% 4.8% 5.4%
Played games 16.3% 22.5% 24.1%
Financial information      
Accessed bank accounts 8.0% 9.4% 7.1%

Accessed financial news or stock quotes

16.1% 10.0% 7.2%
Accessed online retail 7.2% 5.5% 4.1%
Accessed classifieds 4.2% 6.6% 4.2%
Accessed travel service 3.3% 4.7% 4.1%
Accessed maps 15.7% 16.0% 10.8%
Accessed traffic reports 12.6% 8.2% 5.9%
Accessed weather 34.1% 22.3% 13.7%

Source: comScore MobiLens. Conducted June 2010; total mobile audience age 13+

Author: The Fonecast
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