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Monday, June 11, 2012

Vodafone introduces new flat-rate European roaming deal for calls, texts and data

Vodafone UK has launched a new tariff option called EuroTraveller that allows customers to use their UK tariff allowances whilst in Europe, cutting the price of ‘roaming’ abroad. Opting in to a £3 daily charge lets consumers on a ‘pay monthly’ price plan use their UK voice, text and mobile internet allowance when abroad. Calls and texts received whilst in Vodafone’s Europe Zone are free; additional ‘out of bundle’ charges are the same as in the UK.

It means, for example, that a customer using Vodafone EuroTraveller to make three 10-minute calls, send 10 text messages back to the UK and use 5MB of mobile internet would pay just £3 plus their UK home price plan instead of over £17 on Vodafone’s previous standard roaming prices.

Customers can add EuroTraveller to their tariff by calling 5555 or texting ADD to 40506. Vodafone’s Passport tariff remains as an option for ‘pay as you go’ customers in Europe.

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7/7/2012 5:01 PM

Vodafone Euro Traveller works out incredibly expensive if you are mainly a data user with varied roamed call use.

Data Traveller cost only 10 pounds a month for 25mb a day. In my case calls varied but in total monthly bill if I was roaming for a month was never as high as what it would cost with Euro Traveller - around 90 pounds!

As Vodafone removed the old services without giving the option to keep them, many customers and I are fighting to be released from our contracts as they are now pretty much useless when abroad and we chose Vodafone due to these services being available. Vodafone, however, are not allowing this and so complaints have been lodged with Ofcom, the Ombudsman and BBC Watchdog.

You can see the discontent here:

I urge all of you who are unhappy not to just sit back and take this kind of treatment. The more Vodafone see that people are upset and their reputation going down the drain, the more they are likely to worry and listen!

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