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GetJar tells Apple it won't be bullied

Apple's lawyers have sent independent application store GetJar a 'cease and desist' notice that asks GetJar to stop using the term "app store". There's currently a similar legal challenge between Amazon and Apple.

GetJar Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Mork has responded with a blog post that said he's surprised and disappointed with Apple's C&D notice.

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Dead phone boxes are now ready for saving lives

Mark Bridge writes:

The public telephone box is disappearing as mobile phone coverage improves. In 2002, there were 92,000 BT phone boxes in the UK. Today, there are a total of 51,500 payphones… including 11,000 traditional red boxes. In order to preserve the appearance of rural life - if not the landline connection - BT has been asking parish councils across the UK if they'd like to adopt their local kiosk. Just £1 lets a community keep its red BT phone box (with the payphone taken out)… and 1,500 have been adopted so far.

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